Episode 24

7 steps to make this your best year ever (Part 2 of 2)

Everyone (that includes you!) can have a fantastic future. The question is: how do you make your dreams come true? That’s what this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast is all about.

In the last episode, Kevin shared the first four steps of his ultimate success strategy for teenagers. Now he returns to complete this mini series and show you how to make this year your best yet.

Make sure you listened to last week’s episode before listening to this one!

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“Taking action is the key to success. Enjoying that action is the key to happiness.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Success Coach

You will learn:

  • A quick refresher on steps 1 to 4 that Kevin covered in the last episode (1:01)
  • Step 5 – How to create an action plan by breaking your big goal down into smaller achievable steps (2:52)
  • 4 critical factors most people overlook when they are pursuing their goals (7:10)
  • Step 6 – The importance of taking action and enjoying your journey to success (9:12)
  • Step 7 – Why it’s essential to regularly review your progress and adjust your actions if you want to make this your best year ever (14:05)
  • How to register for our FREE Unstoppable Parent webinar (17:32)
  • Where you can learn more detail about this incredible success strategy (19:58)
“Great goals usually require great effort to accomplish.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Success Coach

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