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It’s tailored to meet the needs of your school…
Stronger self-belief More motivation Better grades!


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A BIG problem that needs solving

All students are capable of achieving good grades and leading happy lives. Unfortunately, many students don’t realise their potential, not due to lack of opportunity, but because they hold on to negative beliefs, adopt a poor self-image, carry conflicting values, have a lack of purpose and/or use feeble strategies that lead to self-sabotage and underachievement. There’s no doubt that students struggling with these issues need closer guidance, personalised coaching and more ongoing support in order to overcome the obstacles currently holding them back.

Targeted interventions for those who need it

The Unstoppable Teen Academy (UTA) is a self-sustaining coaching and mentoring program designed to empower your Pupil Premium and ‘disengaged’ students – those who are at risk of falling behind, but with effective guidance can progress towards a brighter future.

The Unstoppable Teen Academy is designed to…


Enhance your students’ emotional intelligence

(including the strengthening of their self-esteem, belief and confidence).


Raise the aspirations and motivation levels of your students.


Strengthen your students’ resilience and work ethic.


Help students develop a more positive relationship with the school

(including better relationships with staff members as well as their peers).


Enable students to become more proactive and independent learners.

Using research to create solutions that work

The strategies embedded in the UTA program were designed in accordance with the recommendations set forth in research conducted by Durham University and published by The Sutton Trust regarding which educational interventions are most effective at helping Pupil Premium students advance their progress in school. Researchers found that from the top twenty most common approaches used by schools to improve student outcomes (including reducing class sizes, employing teaching assistants, setting homework, facilitating extra curricular activities and school trips, etc.), the two most effective strategies were:
  • Effective feedback between staff and students
  • Equipping students with self-regulation and meta-cognition skills

The evidence is overwhelming – IT WORKS!

The UTA program combines the above methods with proven sports psychology techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming strategies, and well-known self-help/personal development principles to empower your students. We conducted two separate pieces of research* to test whether this program actually makes a positive difference in students’ lives. We discovered the following:
  • 87% of students said the program helped them build their self-confidence
  • 91% felt less stressed and more in control of their emotions
  • 95% experienced a sustained improvement to their behavior in school
  • 96% of participants felt more motivated
  • And we almost doubled in the number of students achieving their target grades!
“You really made me see how to not make the same mistakes as many people have done. Thank you ever so much 🙂 ”
Rebekah – Aged 14
“I loved every inspirational minute. You have made me realise what I can achieve. Thank you so much.”
Dan – Aged 15
“That knocked some sense in to me.”
Luke – Aged 16
“It was quite amazing! 🙂 You really made me think, and I don’t think life is all that impossible anymore. You really put things into perspective! It’s truly changed my life around and I can’t thank you enough.”
Jodie – Aged 17
“I was 15 when I did the Unstoppable Teen program. I just want you to know I was inspired. It’s as if I have a different view on life. I am now in my last year in college studying music and have my own band. You helped me a lot.”
Lewis – Aged 18
“Perhaps 5 years have passed by, but nevertheless, I want to tell you that you helped me. What you do is inspirational. Thank you!”
Emma – Aged 19
“You are a step outside the box – feel the fear and do it anyway! You changed my life.”
Heather – Aged 22
*A random sample survey of 2000 students was conducted in 2003. Further research was conducted with Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11 students at a secondary school in Sheffield (UK) in 2014. Please note that past results achieved in other schools cannot and do not guarantee the benefits that may be experienced in your school.

How can my school get involved?

We would love to help your school succeed by putting self-sustaining systems in place that would enable you to deliver the UTA program and provide these incredible benefits to your students over the long-term.

Simply call us to find out more and discuss the details

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