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UTM is a private, members-only website that gives teenagers life skills
that are proven to improve results in school and life.


Helping Students Achieve Results That Matter

Teenagers love our content because it inspires them and makes them laugh! Parents and teachers love our resources because they improve student behaviour, progress and life outcomes.

Videos That Entertain & Empower Students

Kevin’s coaching videos are viewed around the world. Every month he shares new easy-to-use ideas for raising youth aspirations, boosting confidence and accelerating grades.

Cutting Edge Insights That Are Proven To Work

We regularly produce study guides, future jobs reports and helpful summaries that contain evidence-based recommendations based on the very latest research.

Expert Interviews & Practical Advice

Kevin regularly interviews top athletes, successful celebrities and wealthy business people, and shares their success strategies with teenagers through regular podcasts.

Monthly Updates That Make A Difference

We produce uplifting eNewsletters and blog posts that are designed to help teenagers get organised, be resilient and maintain good progress throughout the year.


You can access our content on any web-enabled device. Computers, tablets, smart phones… You name it, our resources are available 24/7


People are using our coaching resources in ways we never imagined. Now YOU can get access to the success strategies in the Unstoppable Teen Membership programme to help you perform at your best throughout the year!


Students like you and parents all over the world, can now access our information, advice and guidance at home. This means you can get the help you want during evenings, weekends, holidays or whenever you need it most.


Every member of your community receives their own personal username and password so they can login to our secure website and access our coaching content throughout the year.


Just some of the comments from our members...

"You have no idea how much your videos have helped me and motivated me. I appreciate your work and what you do for us. So thank you for everything."

- Lulu - Student, Aged 15

"It has helped me a lot with all my work and it has helped me revise in many ways. Thank you so much 🙂"

- Micki - Student, Aged 16

"You've inspired me, and I found it really useful and helpful."

- Kate - Student, Aged 15

"Thank you for the videos they were very helpful and inspirational."

- Sophie - Student, Aged 15

"You made a huge difference to me as a person. Thank you."

- Chris - Student, Aged 15

"It has made me think that I really want to do something and keep on trying so thank you for helping me see straight and to know that I can do it."

- Jade - Student, Aged 16

"Thank you so very much for your great advice! Keep up the great work to make positive influences on young people’s lives!!!!"

- Scott - Parent

"I kept the tips and techniques you had offered at the forefront of my revision process. At GCSE level I achieved 9A*s and 6A's, and I have just finished my A-Levels with four A's. I just wanted to let you know that your work is really inspirational and has always been brought to the forefront when I needed it most."

- Robyn - Student, 18

"You've drastically changed my life. I wouldn't be doing what I am without you putting into perspective what I could be. It’s not easy but I know it's worth it. Thank you."

- Brad - Student, Aged 15

"This is the right site for who would like to find out about this topic. You definitely put a brand new spin on a subject that’s been written about for decades. Wonderful stuff, just great!"

- Steve - Parent

We have a FREE programme for those on a budget, and our GOLD Membership is for those who want the BEST results!

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Here’s what you will find inside…


Kevin Mincher is one of the most respected and successful youth performance coaches in the world.

Kevin began helping teenagers in 1997. Since then, more than 300,000 people have completed his student success programmes.

Kevin has won awards and been honoured on three occasions for his dedication to youth empowerment. He is particularly proud of the Unstoppable Teen Membership programmes.

UTM is for teenagers, parents and teachers who are committed to a experiencing a fantastic future and want a helping hand getting there.

UTM is overwhelmingly loved by our members. We work incredibly hard to be on the cutting-edge of youth development and we go the extra mile to help you get the results you want.

Originally from Doncaster, England – Kevin, 37, now lives in Sheffield but spend roughly a third of the year traveling the world, helping young people wherever possible. He has a ridiculous collection of yellow shoes!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that Unstoppable Teen Membership will help you achieve your goals that we’re offering an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days of your purchase date. Simply contact us and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked. Give it a try… You’ve got nothing to lose!



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Jodie – (Student, Aged 17)You really made me think and I don't think life is all that impossible anymore. You really put things into perspective! You really did give me some wonderful advice. It's truly changed my life round, and I can't thank you enough.
James – (Student, Aged 14)I’ve just watched your ‘Get The Grades’ videos and they are good! They are motivating me to do well. Thank you.
Angie – (Parent)Oh WOW (sorry but it had to be said!). I just wanted to say I am so pleased I found your site and your videos. I need this to help me support my son who has great potential but just failed a couple of key exams. So thank you for making this information available.
MagicalJuice – (Student, Aged 16)I'll be honest, I was expecting you to talk about the same load of twoddle that my teachers talk about. But you didn't!! So thanks, I know you probably get this a lot but it really helped.
Shay – (Student, Aged 16)I thought I had to follow a boring career path that I did not particularly want to do just because people have labeled me as "clever", I have been dancing all my life and now am going to become a professional dancer! You have changed my life, thank you so much!
Heather – (Student, Aged 22)You are the step outside the box – Feel the fear and do it anyway man! You changed my life!!
Rebekah – (Student, Aged 14)You really made me see how to not make the same mistakes as many other people. The things you said and the way you said it made me open my eyes to so many things. Thank you so much 🙂
Anne Linda Løhre – (Parent, Norway)I have listened to your videos with utmost interest. I think you are a phenomenally inspired and gifted motivator. My hope is that you reach out to as many as possible, especially to all these kids who struggle on so many fronts.
Lewis Hodgson – (Student, Aged 16)You won't know me but when I was 15 I did the Unstoppable Teen programme at my school. Just want you to know that I was inspired. It's as if I had a different view on life. I’m in my last year in college studying music practice, work part time, and have my own band. Just wanted you to know you helped me a lot!
Carmel – (Student, Aged 16)I would just like to thank you for all the advice you have gave me over the years. I have now finished school and I’m gonna go to Hall Cross Sixth Form
David – (Parent)Kevin’s communication and motivation skills, combined with his energy and passion for life, have an incredible impact on those who use his resources. Thank you Kevin.
Nicolle – (Student, Aged 21)You helped me in 2009 with my preparation for final Maths and English exams. I think what you do is just amazing. You help and inspire so many children and even after all these years we remember it. Thanks so much!
Nathan – (Student, Aged 15)After the Unstoppable Teen programme I realized it was time to take action on some dreams I’d always had. I always wanted to become an author. I realized I could do it and I have begun writing my first novel. You were a very big help to me and really motivated me to chase my dreams!
Barry – (School Governor)Kevin has a unique ability to be able to get a group to respond to him within a very short time and to let the youngsters discover for themselves just what they need to do to raise their aims and attain goals.
Dylan – (Student, Aged 17)Kevin is a positive person who always finds solutions to succeed in tough situations. He has personally helped me by showing me how to enjoy problem solving and taking responsibility for my actions.
Michelle – (Parent)I work at the University of Liverpool. Our moto is ‘Learning to make a difference’. I think you’re fabulous and what our moto is all about. Thank you for motivating all the kids!
Megan – (Student, Aged 16)I have to say that you really helped me realise that I'm capable of a lot more than I thought. Thank you!!!
Dan – (Student, Aged 15)I loved every inspirational minute. You have made me realise what I can achieve. Thank you so much!
Rhiannon – (Student, Aged 14)You do a great thing for kids our age. You really showed me what I can do with my life. So much respect. Thank you!
Jayke – (Student, Aged 16)Just want to say thank you for your help and advise 🙂
Jenn – (Student, Aged 16)What you do is truly inspirational, so much respect! I definitely now know I can achieve the grades I want. Thank you!
Connor – (Student, Aged 14)Kevin inspired me and showed me that even when people place doubt upon you, you're still able to reach your goals.
Janet – (Parent)What an inspiration you are – not only to the children but to adults as well! I’m feeling very motivated!
Harry – (Student, Aged 15)You are truly inspirational. You've been a massive help and influence - your work is invaluable. Thank you so much!
Kelly – (Parent)When I clicked on the site, I was looking for something to send to my son, but I believe it has a lot of valuable information that adults can apply too. Funny, it ended up being just what I needed to hear!
Racheal – (Student, Aged 19)I have been following your Unstoppable Teen campaign and group for years and you truly did inspire me to do something great. You honestly made me who I am today. Thankyou for being my inspiration!

We have a FREE programme for those on a budget, and our GOLD Membership is for those who want the BEST results!

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