Episode 22

How to end this year positively and start next year on fire!

This episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast is designed to help you bring this year to a brilliant end and get the New Year off to a great start.

You see, successful people don’t just drift through life hoping that good things will happen. They have routines that enable them to produce top results. One such routine is what they do during the last week of the year to get ready for the next one.

Click on the player above to discover what you can do to bring this year to a happy ending and make next year your best yet!

“Life is what you make it.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Success Coach

You will learn:

  • Why it’s important to review your year (1:56)
  • Something you should do throughout the year to ensure you remember the good times you have (3:26)
  • What Kevin learned from professional footballers that you can use to improve the quality of your life (3:58)
  • How to use the Emotional Flood technique to instantly feel good about the last 12 months (5:44)
  • Highlights from Kevin’s year and what he did to make it memorable (7:20)
  • How you can use a diary to move past disappointments and get a better perspective on how good your life really is (9:48)
  • One huge mistake you need to avoid if you want to be happy (11:30)
  • What to do if you don’t want to repeat the mistakes you made this year (13:46)
  • Some of the errors Kevin made this year and what he learned from those experiences (14:43)
  • 7 simple steps end this year positively and start next year on fire (18:42)
  • Two things you can do if you want to make next year your best year ever (21:56)
“It doesn’t mean you’re a loser if you didn’t reach your goals this year. It simply means you need to learn and improve something so you do better next time.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Success Coach

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