Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The following principles guide our decision-making and shape our programmes:

Growth Potential – We believe everyone can learn and improve.

Desire – People have to want to learn before they will do so efficiently.

Accountable – Individuals must be responsible for their own thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions and results.

Directed v Self-Directed – There are times when people need guidance from informed experts; there are also times when people need space to reflect and think for themselves.

Competences – People cannot outperform their skills. So equip them with the skills for the journey, before sending them on the journey.

Massive Action – All things can be conquered through the force of persistent effort and hard work.

Mastery – We care about long-term habits not short-term results.

Adaptable – The people with the most flexibility in their thoughts and behaviours will be more successful than those who are set in their ways./

Courage – We are willing to take risks.

Safe Zone – We create environments where people are willing to take risks without fear of ridicule.

Holistic – We deal with the whole person in the context of their unique life, not just the participant we see in our programmes.

Evidence-Based – We use research and data to guide decision-making.

Open-Minded – We are willing to take on new ideas, be innovative and try new things.

Connectedness – The quality of results is directly related to the quality of relationships between parents, their children and ourselves.

Personalisation – One size does NOT fit all. Different individuals require different solutions.

Enjoyment – People learn more when they’re having fun.

Self-Sustainable – Our aim is to help the people we work with to become independent and develop their own skills so they can continue to produce positive results without us.

All of the above attributes are learnable 🙂