Super Study Planner Video-3

Video 3: Getting Organized For The Journey Ahead

Watch the video, then complete these tasks:

  • Download Kevin’s Excel Super Study Planner by clicking on the button above.
  • Put your Results Day on the planner.
  • Put the dates when you’ll be completing tests and exams into your calendar.
  • Block out all the time you’ve already committed to other activities (e.g. playing football, going to the gym, attending Birthday parties, etc.).
  • Block out all the time you’ll be in school lessons.
  • Add up the number of study blocks you’ve actually got to p for your tests and exams.

Click on the image below to see Kevin’s example Study Planner. You will be able to see he has 150 white spaces left available on his Study Planner. That gives him a total of 150 study blocks to prepare for his tests and exams.

How many spaces (or Study Blocks) do you have available to prepare for your tests and exams?

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