Already attended by more than 250,000 students!


Since it’s first delivery in 2003, Get The Grades You Want has become the #1 study skills seminar in the UK. Kevin Mincher has delivered this game-changing programme in 250+ schools, colleges, and universities – it has been attended by more than 250,000 students.

Kevin shares his powerful 3-step formula for success in school, and shows students how to use the same 7 accelerated learning techniques he used to improve his grades in 8 subjects in his last 6 months of high school – including how he advanced his French grade from E to B, and transformed his Business Studies grades from D to A. 

So, if you want to help your students succeed, you’re in the right place! 

“Wooo I did it! You helped me through those exams and my results are better than anything I expected! THANK YOU!” Jodie – Aged 16 

Using evidence-based strategies to improve results

Your students will learn:

✓ How to get themselves going (even when they don’t feel like it) and unleash their inner motivation

✓ Discover where they’ll find the determination and resilience they’ll need when the going gets tough.  

✓ The secret to switching on their own self-belief so they’ll use more of their incredible talents and perform at their best. 

✓ Help them appreciate the brilliance of their own brain and how incredible their memory really is. 

✓ How to stop putting things off and STOP making studying harder than it needs to be.  

✓ 4 things they need to do BEFORE they start studying for tests and exams. 

✓ How to structure their study sessions to maximise their understanding of any subject.  

✓ How to make things stand out in their memory so it’s easier to recall important information in tests and exams. 

✓ How to mix it up and avoid the boredom of sitting at a desk for hours on end.  

✓ Identify 2 things they need to do during their breaks away from school work so they’re productive when they come back to it. 

✓ Reveal why students forget important information and what they can do to avoid the problem.  

✓ Identify 2 things that professional athletes do that they can also do to perform at their best under pressure

✓ How to reduce stress, worry and anxiety before exams.  

✓ They will even learn how to make preparing for tests and exams an enjoyable process! Crazy? We know! But it’s true!!!  

Study skills that are proven to improve student achievement 

“You really inspired me to work hard. I wasn't performing well in English and I didn't understand why. But after your Get The Grades You Want programme I started to be more proactive with my learning. I got AN ‘A*’ GRADE for English Literature and ‘A’ for English Language. Thank you for helping me become unstoppable!” Curtis – aged 17 

“Our A* to C, GCSE results increased from 38% to 49% this year. I believe Kevin and his Get The Grades You Want seminar contributed to that success.” Piers Tolson - Headteacher at Wellfield High School  

“I’m so glad you came to to my school because you’ve helped me a lot. Before you came I was getting Ds in all my subjects, but now I’m getting Cs and B grades. Thank you!” Chantelle – aged 15  

“Kevin is brilliant; he makes a difference to the school, to your groups and to individual pupils. Our results have gone up. The motivation of pupils by Kevin is in some part responsible for this improvement. You will find that your students are mesmerised and markedly changed for the better.” Sue Croft - Headteacher at Oxford Spires Academy  


Clairfy your purpose

Believe in yourself

Use proven strategies

Kevin helps your students appreciate why they want to succeed so they can feel motivated and keep going when the going gets tough.  

As Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right!” Kevin will get your students to believe in themselves.  

Natural talent and IQ are NOT enough. Students need to work hard by using Kevin's strategies that are known to work.  

How to unleash your motivation, believe in yourself, and prepare effectively for tests and exams. 


of students said this seminar motivated them to try harder at school.  


said their punctuality at school would improve.


said the seminar had improved their study skills and revision techniques.


said they would recommend Get The Grades You Want to their friends.

We make the inspirational benefits of a one-off event last over the LONG-TERM 

We help students boost their grades in the short-term AND develop positive learning habits that last a lifetime.  

Improvements can happen in an instant, but positive habits usually take longer to form. That’s why we provide long-term support to the schools that book our Get The Grades You Want seminar.  

Book today and your school receive these resources to use in lessons and assemblies in order to help your students sustain their progress over the longer-term:  


To keep your students' energy high and motivation strong, Kevin will send you videos throughout the year that are packed with words of encouragement and helpful tips for success. 


Kevin shares insightful articles every online that are designed to raise students’ aspirations and equip them with helpful advice and guidance.  


Kevin regularly interviews top athletes, successful celebrities and wealthy business people, and he shares their methods with your students.  

“I kept the tips and techniques you offered at the forefront of my revision process. At GCSE I achieved nine A*s and six As, and I have just finished my A-Levels with four As.” Robyn – Aged 18  


Since 1997 we’ve offered the schools we serve a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with Kevin’s seminar for any reason, you won’t pay a penny. It’s that simple. What’s more, we’ll let you keep Kevin’s coaching videos, podcasts and newsletters. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! We want you to feel totally confident that you’re purchasing a great motivational seminar and package of coaching resources for your students. This money back guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you’re purchasing a quality programme and won’t be wasting tax payers’ money.