Episode 8

Q&A: Sex and Teenagers

Last week was Sexual Health Week, so after much discussion and deliberation, we decided to do an episode on this subject.

We know some people don’t want to discuss sex and teenagers. If that’s you, please don’t listen to this episode because we don’t want to offend anyone.

Many people start to explore their sexuality at some point during their teenage years. We start to become aware our attraction to others and begin thinking about having sex for the first time.

But how do you decided when to have sex or when not to have sex? And how can you keep yourself safe in this area of your life?

In this episode of The Unstoppable Teen Podcast Kevin responds to a question from Kiera (Albany, NY). She told us that her boyfriend had been pressuring her to have sex, but she didn’t feel ready yet.

Listen now to hear what Kevin had to say on this important subject that affects us all.

“All to often teenagers start experimenting with sex before they have educated themselves in this important area of life – That’s dangerous.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Coach

You will learn:

  • The danger of getting your sex advice from the school playground and people who have little knowledge or experience on the subject (1:00)
  • Where Kevin got his sex education when he was a teenager (1:42)
  • What the consequences can be if you don’t get a good sex education and make poor decisions in this area of your life (4:16)
  • How old Kevin was when he lost his virginity (5:02)
  • Why it’s important for families to talk about sex (5:44)
  • Why it’s dangerous for teenagers to have sexual experiences before they receive good sex advice (7:26)
  • One shocking story that happened with a group of 14 and 15 year old students at a school where Kevin worked in the past (7:45)
  • The latest research published by Harvard University about how many teenagers are having sex and unprotected sex compared to previous generations (8:40)
  • Why you shouldn’t be concerned if you think you’re having less sexual experiences than your friends (9:50)
  • When should you have sex? (11:31)
  • Why you shouldn’t have sex if you feel under pressure to do it (12:25)
  • What should you do if someone asks you to have sex when you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs? (13:58)
  • How it can be a mistake to think having sex will help you feel more loved (15:37)
  • How to deal with the critical issue of “consent” before sex or any kind of sexual contact (17:50)
  • What need to do to keep yourself and your partner safe when you decide to have sex (21:14)
  • What you absolutely must do if you ever have any form of unprotected sex (23:16)
“Create an environment with your family and friends where you feel safe to talk about sex so you can educate yourself and empower yourself in this important area of life.”
Kevin Mincher – Teen Coach

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Sex and Teenagers”

  1. hi kev this is really smashing (no pun intended) to hear I’ve been struggling with my insecurities about my lack of sexual experience. any tips ? once again no pun intended

    1. Hi Morgan, Well done for reaching out and asking for help in this important area of life. It’s appropriate that you have a lack of sexual experience at your age. Of course, this is likely to change over time. Just don’t be in a rush to get more experience. What’s more important is that you’re well-informed about sex and relationships before you start getting more experience. This will help you avoid lots of painful and embarrassing mistakes. I read lots of books on sex and relationships when I was a teenager and that helped me deal with my insecurities with my own lack of experience. So I want to encourage you to learn more about sex and relationships. You might want want to check out “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”, and “The Guide To Getting It On”. Reading these books will put you in a better position than 99% of people – including those who have more experience.

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